Follow these simple steps to set up your phone system:

1. Go to Settings -> Phone

2. Get a number. While on trial you first phone number is free. Search for and select the one you want.

3. Edit the number's call flow. A call flow is assigned to each phone number. Every caller goes through the flow to place them in the right queue. Here's a guide to call flows.

4. Assign agents to the queue(s) in your call flow. Assign the right agents to the queues used in your call flow for them to be able to receive calls from your number. Go to Settings -> Queues -> Edit to do this. If you need to invite new agents, you can do so from Settings -> Organization & Team.

5. Choose your offer algorithm for each queue by going to Settings -> Queues and editing the queue. The offer algorithm decides how conversations (which include calls, but can also be chats and emails) are offered to agents. These are the offer algorithm options.

6. Set priorities on queues and agents. Agents can be assigned to several queues, and queue priority enables you to prioritise which conversations (including calls) are offered to agents first. The same principle is applied to agents to support skill-based routing; you can decide which agent should be offered conversations first for each queue using agent priority.

7. Get verified for outbound calls by adding a credit card and contacting us. Otherwise, you can test call quality by calling the number that you acquired.

Here are all of our current phone support guides. And here are our guides on queues.