Our 'plug & play' Jabra integration works in the desktop app for all Jabra headsets and even the Jabra handset. Users can answer and end calls from their headset, while the Busylight lights up accordingly.


  1. Click on "Jabra integration" in the menu bar in the desktop app
  2. Plugin the Jabra device into the USB port on the computer
  3. Wait for the notification to show that Jabra device is detected

Comment issue. Jabra device is not turned on. toggle the off/on button and plug in the device again. 

Supported features:
  • Accept/Reject phone conversations on the device
  • Close phone conversations on the device
  • Turns on busylight device when on a phone call
  • Ring indication when a phone conversation is offered
Supported devices:
  • Jabra BIZ: 1500, 2300, 2400
  • Jabra Speak: 410, 510, 710, 750, 810
  • Jabra Engage: 50, 65, 75
  • Jabra Evolve: 20, 30, 40, 65, 65e, 65t, 75, 75e, 80
  • Jabra Evolve 2: 40, 65, 80
  • Jabra BlueParrot: B350-XT, B350-XT II, B450-XT, B450-XT II, B550-XT, C300-XT, C400-XT, S450-XT, Reveal Pro