Call routing will allow you to route calls based off of the incoming country code. This works great when dealing with language requests e.g +44 for UK, + 49 for Germany etc. You can also include numbers after the country code if you want to target a specific area e.g. e.g. +49035 for Dresden in Germany. 

You'll notice the caller routing option within the call flow editor. 

Once selected you can specify which phone numbers you want to route by:

In the above example, the country code for Denmark, Sweden, and Norway (aka Scandinavia) have been entered. After specifying it, you can route based on whether it's a match or not:

If the caller does not have +45, +46, or +47 in the number or is calling from an unlisted number, the call goes to an IVR where one of the three queues can be chosen manually by the caller.