Facebook Messenger will work the same as every other channel in Dixa, ensuring a channel neutral experience.

All messages received in your Facebook Messenger inbox will be offered to available agents assigned to the queue in Dixa. This includes messages customers send through your Facebook page, Facebook Messenger widget on your website and messages sent directly through the Facebook Messenger app.

Before you get started, make sure if you are admin of the Facebook Business Manager of your organization as well as the Facebook Pages you want to add to Dixa. 

Setup the Integration in Dixa

To get started with Facebook go to Settings in Dixa and click Messaging /Facebook Messenger. Click Start setup and Continue

Add Facebook App

Go to Facebook for Developers and create a profile if you don't have one already. Click My Apps and select Create App

Enter the Display Name (for example, “Dixa and (your company name) Integration”, the name is not shown to your customers) and Contact Email: that is, the email of the person responsible for the integration. Click Create App ID.

Click Settings and then Basic.

Fill the information on this page: add Privacy Policy URL (e.g. to your own website), App Icon (you can download and use this icon), choose Category and Business Use (choose "Support my own business") and fill the Data Protection Officer Contact Information

You then need to make sure that your Facebook Business Manager account (that will be connected to the app is verified). First, click Get Started (in the verification section) to connect your Facebook Business Manager account to the app. 

Then you choose which Business Manager account you want to connect to the app. This option is only available if you have admin access to it, which is a requirement to make the integration work. 

If your Business Manager account is not verified, then follow the steps suggested by Facebook (you probably need to sign a few documents). When it's verified it will be shown in the app (see below). Remember to Save Changes

Connect your Facebook App to Dixa

Copy App ID and App Secret and paste them to Dixa and click Continue

The next step is configuring the Facebook app.