Your integration will be successful only if your app review is successful, which is the last step. Facebook will notify you once the review is complete. Usually it takes up to 48 hours if you have completed all the necessary steps. 

Go to App Review for Messenger in Messenger Settings.

Make sure you've completed all previous steps. If there's anything missing (e.g. app logo or privacy policy url) it will be noted here. 

Scroll down and click Add Details

A pop-up window appears. 

First, make sure you agree to Facebook's permission and feature usage guidelines. Second, check the box "Involved business integration to support live chat by humans".  

Then choose your Facebook Page in the section "Test and reproduce the functionality of your integration". 

Afterwards, you need to explain briefly how to test the integration step by step. Write for example "Go to our Facebook Page, click message, write us a question and wait for our reply". 

You also need to show the steps above in a short video and upload the file. It doesn't have to be fancy or super long, just document how to contact you via messenger and how you reply. 

Lastly, you should Click Submit for Review. This is really important, the review process won't start. 

You can expect to hear from Facebook within 48 hours normally. Once the app is approved you can get started with messaging in Dixa.

If you have any challenges or questions, please reach out to us at 💜

For more information about the App Review and the Business Verification process, please refer to the official Facebook documentation.