You can ask customers for feedback at the bottom of every email in Dixa, and quickly turn a conversation around, when it starts to derail. By adding a Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT), a Net Promoter Score (NPS) or a Customer Effort Score (CES) you can follow up with customers who are willing to share their thoughts with you and instantly respond to their concerns or issues. 

In this guide, we'll show you how to set up a customer satisfaction survey and how to add it to your signature. 


The survey integration with Dixa is made through NiceReply. Therefore, you should start by creating a Nicereply account.  

Then, you create a user profile in Nicereply for each Dixa agent that should have the integration added to their signature. Make sure the agent's name is the same in Dixa and in Nicereply. You do that in Nicereply

Once all your users are in place in Nicereply, you can customize the look of the survey, and copy and paste it to your signature in Dixa. To do that, you copy the signature from one of the Nicereply users: 

And then you add the code to your Custom Signature in Dixa. To do so, go to Settings, then Email and click Setup on the specific email you want to add the survey to.

Insert the script below (or your customized script if made changes in Nicereply) in your Custom Signature. Make sure you edit the Company name (marked with bold below ) so it's named like your account in NiceReply. Also, make sure the agent name is listed as {{agent_fullname}}


How nice was my reply?


To maximize the number of ratings you collect, you should insert the script before your own company signature like in the example below. 

Link conversation number

1. Go to CSAT > Surveys.

2. Go to SETTINGS.

3. Insert your Dixa domain followed by /conversation/<TICKET_ID>

You can find your Dixa domain under Settings > Organization & Team.

Once your email is out, your customers will receive the survey looking like this:

Now you're all set up and you can start collecting feedback from your customers.