The Dashboard is a list of queues. It provides both an overview of the number of conversations that are waiting in the queue and the daily performance for the queue.

You can click the name of the queue to go directly to the open conversations in that queue.

Agents show what channels have flows going to the queue and how many agents are online for each channel.

In queue
The number inside the circle indicates the number of open conversations that are waiting to be offered. These can be received at any time.
The number of conversations that have been received since midnight CET.

The number of conversations that have been answered since midnight CET. This number can be higher than TOTAL when more conversations have been answered than have been received. This can often happen on Mondays where conversations from Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday are answered.

The number of conversations that have reached a timeout in a Call or Email Flow, or have been manually transferred to a different queue.

Any conversation that is closed without being assigned to an agent. This can be a phone call where the caller hangs up before the call is answered, a chat that has been closed before being accepted by an agent. An email can be abandoned if it is closed from the Conversations view.

Average Waiting Time. The average time it takes from a conversation is received in the queue until it is accepted by an agent.

Average HandlingTime. The average time it takes from a conversation is accepted by an agent until it is closed.

Service Level Agreement. The percentage of conversations that are answered within a predefined amount of time.
An often used SLA is, for instance, "We want to answer 80% of incoming calls within 30 seconds."
The SLA can be set for each queue under Settings > QueuesAlerts.

Longest Waiting Time. How long the conversation that has waited for the longest in the queue has waited.

The Dashboard can be expanded to a TV Mode by clicking the link button in the right side of the screen.