An Early Access Program allows you to get an early preview of what we are building and help us improve it before we make it a permanent part of Dixa. 

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Measuring the health of your business is core to ensuring growth and impact. This goes for measuring the health of your customers too. We want to provide you with more data to help you move your relationships forward, which is why we have built an entirely new data platform to support it.

This first version focuses mainly on conversation data and is split into 4 new dashboards:






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You should make sure to read the documentation below to understand what you are signing up for. Once signed up, we will be checking in with you to get feedback allowing us to improve the functionality. If you are not prepared for giving us feedback, we recommend that you wait until it’s a permanent part of the Dixa product.

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Please note, that this change will affect all users on your entire Dixa account and that you need to be an administrator to sign up. Once signed up, we will make sure your account is ready to be added. We will inform you via email when the account has been added to the Early Access Program.

What is part of the Conversations Analytics - Early Access Program?

Once Conversations Analytics has been enabled on your account, you and any user with the Administrator role can access the new functionality by clicking Analytics in the sidebar.

At the top of the Analytics page you will find 4 new tabs with different metrics. Please read more about each individual tab here:






You can continue to export your data to CSV exactly like today under the Export tab.

New data is added once an hour. For real-time metrics, we recommend you to use the existing Dashboard page.


Limited historical data

Each tab has limited historical data, meaning you can't find data before the specified date:

Productivity: September 18, 2019

Activity: October 26th, 2019

Tags:  September 18, 2019 (for manually applied tags) and December 16, 2019 (for automatically applied tags)

Agents:  June 22, 2019 (for inbound conversations) and November 14, 2019 (for outbound conversations)

Presence: December 12, 2019

Time zone is UTC

All data is currently in the UTC time zone, which means it is 1 hour behind CET and 2 hours behind CEST.

Please note that the analytics dashboards get updated once an hour (at the full hour).

Known bugs