The relationship you have with your customers is continuous - like a good friendship. But sometimes you need to reach out to others to ensure you solve your customer’s problem. Maybe it’s one of your colleagues, maybe it’s the shipping provider or maybe it’s an external warehouse. With Side Conversations you can have conversations on the side of your existing conversation with your customer and keep the overview.

👫Conversations on the side

With Side Conversation you gain the overview you were previously missing. A side conversation is tied back to the conversation you are having with your customer, ensuring it’s always easy to find.

Side Conversations have all the features of normal conversations, meaning you don’t have to compromise.

🆙 Side Conversations at a glance

✅ Create related conversations directly from the text editor
✅ Copy paste text from the original conversation in one click - so it’s easier to reference
✅ See all Side Conversations you created with ease
✅ Easily identify Side Conversations via the visual hierarchy

⤵️ How do Side Conversations work?

You will have the ability to create a Side Conversation directly from the text editor on all conversations:

For a quicker workflow you can copy paste text from the original conversation with one click, so you can easily convey the context of your request to any third party.

Once you send your Side Conversation, you will always see it attached to the original conversation. This is indicated below the conversation:

This means a Side Conversation is tied back to your conversation with your customer, ensuring it’s easy to reach. So, navigating between conversations and Side Conversations is intuitive and quick: