Great friendships is about being where your friends are. And great customer service is about being where your customers are. So...we're adding yet another channel to the mix: WhatsApp!

Join the WhatsApp - Early Access Program to get an early preview of what we are building and help us improve it before we make it a permanent part of Dixa.

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You should make sure to read the documentation below including the Limitations and Known bugs sections to understand what you are signing up for.

Once signed up, we will be checking in with you to get feedback allowing us to improve the functionality. If you are not prepared for giving us feedback, we recommend that you wait until it’s a permanent part of the Dixa product.

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The WhatsApp - Early Access Program will affect all users on your entire Dixa account and you need to be an administrator to sign up.

Please note: Early Access to Whatsapp is dependent on approval by WhatsApp. This approval can take up to 6 weeks and can in some rare cases be denied. We will keep you updated of the process and inform you should there be any blockers.

What is part of the WhatsApp - Early Access Program?

Once the WhatsApp - Early Access Program has been enabled, you can answer messages you receive via WhatsApp in Dixa as new conversations and prioritize them with your other conversations.

Because we are a channel neutral platform, WhatsApp conversations work just like any other conversation in Dixa.

When joining the WhatsApp - Early Access Program, a few changes will happen on your account:


You control the presence of WhatsApp by clicking the Messaging icon. This also affects your presence on Facebook Messenger (if this is set up):

Workload limit

Set the workload limit on both WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger with the Messaging limit.

Filter conversations

Under Conversations, you can filter by WhatsApp:


  • Reply within 24 hours
    WhatsApp requires a WhatsApp conversation to be answered within 24 hours, without exception. This means that you have 24 hours from the last reply from a customer to reply to them. If it takes more than 24 hours, you will no longer be able to reply.
  • No outbound conversations
    It is not possible to start your own conversation via WhatsApp. All conversations have to be started by your customer.

Known bugs

None at the moment.