We know that building great flows is the foundation for a stellar customer experience and a massive time saver for teams. With improved flows you now get new superpowers when editing them.

  • Complete redesign with better overview ✨
  • Add new actions in the middle of a flow ⚡️
  • Move or delete multiple actions at the same time ✂️
  • Easily see the path to a specific action 🔝

Join the Improved Flows - Early Access Program to get an early preview of what we are building and help us improve it before we make it a permanent part of Dixa.

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You should make sure to read the documentation below to understand what you are signing up for, including the Limitations and Known bugs sections below.

Once signed up, we will be checking in with you to get feedback allowing us to improve the functionality. If you are not prepared for giving us feedback, we recommend that you wait until it’s a permanent part of the Dixa product.

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The Improved Flows - Early Access Program will affect all Administrators on your entire Dixa account and you need to be an administrator to sign up.

What is part of the Improved Flows - Early Access Program?

Once enabled, you can test out the improved flows by going to Settings > Phone > Edit flow or Settings > Chat > Edit flow.

More overview

You no longer have to look for that actions in your flow that you want to edit. Now you can easily identify each action and its settings right from the overview.

Add new actions anywhere

You can now add new actions in-between existing actions for that extra speed. You simply cut the connection between two actions, which allows you to put in new actions. Once done, simply connect the actions again.

Move or delete multiple actions

Click twice on an action, to select all of the actions below. You can now drag these in one swift movement making it easier to build a more understandable flow. Oh, and you can also delete them.

See the path

For more advanced flows, click an action and instantly see the flow leading you there, letting you understand how your flow flows.


  • Call and chat flows only
    The improved flows currently only applies to phone and chat flows. In the coming weeks we will add in updated flows for emails.

Known bugs

None at the moment.