In order to better route and prioritise customers in chats you sometimes want them to answer a few questions to better understand what they are trying to achieve. Or you want to present them with other options than contacting an agent - e.g. signing up for a demo.

With the chat flow actions explained here you can build more advanced chat flows. This means the customer will have an automated conversation with the Conversational Assistant in the chat widget before the chat gets to an agent.

  • Ask questions to the customer and route based on the answer. ❓🔂
  • Let the Conversational Assistant send messages to the customer as they progress through the flow. 💬
  • Advanced prioritisation and routing for chat 💬🔛🙋‍♀️
  • Faster resolution time for standard inquiries ⏳😊
  • Allow customers to input data, that can then be used once the conversation has started. ℹ️

What is part of the Conversational Assistant for Chat?

Specific actions for more advanced chat flows

🤖 Use the menu action:

With the “Menu” action, you can ask any custom question and route your customer based on the answer. You can also read more about the menu action here.

💬 Chat message action:

“Message” as a chat flow action enables you to send messages back to the user - e.g. if you want them to sign up for a demo.

✍ Chat input action:

“Text input” as a chat flow action enables you to gather information before the chat starts. This will allow customers to input data, that can then be used once the conversation has started, because it will then be displayed to the agent once they receive the chat conversation.

👋 Use the custom welcome message on the queue action:

You can customise the message that the user will see in the end of the chat flow, so you can be more personal and adjust the messages according to the prior flow of other messages, menus and input fields you used to create your conversational assistant.

For general questions about how to setup chat flows, see the article on how to create a chat flow.