An Early Access Program allows you to get an early preview of what we are building and help us improve it before we make it a permanent part of Dixa. 

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Dixa is all about breaking down silos - also between systems. Therefore we are happy to announce that you are now able to export your conversations and use this data in any major data analytics tools of your choice.

  • API access to get a list of conversations. ⬇️
  • Use results for engagement metrics and to drive business processes. 📊💯
  • An elegant and standardised alternative to our CSV export feature. 😎

The new Export Conversations API is launched on the side of our existing Integrations API, which supports creating a new conversation, creating a new user and getting a list of users, list of tags and a list of queues. With the new Export Conversations API, you will now also be able to get a list of conversations, so you can feed them into any Business Intelligence or Analytics tool of your choice.

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You should make sure to read the documentation about limitations and known bugs below to understand what you are signing up for. Once signed up, we will be checking in with you to get feedback allowing us to improve the functionality. If you are not prepared for giving us feedback, we recommend that you wait until it’s a permanent part of the Dixa product.

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We will inform you via email when your account has been added to the Early Access Program.


Notable Early Access behaviour that will possibly change when in General Availability:

  • The following fields from the Dixa exports feature are currently missing in the JSON output. They will all be available when this feature goes to General Availability:
    Notes, Originating_country
  • Timestamps on output JSON is currently in Unix time, in milliseconds since the epoch. This might change into ISO 8061 timestamps, we're waiting for customer feedback on usability of the various formats.
  • Pagination is currently not supported, and no limits to number of records returned are defined. We will seek feedback from customers about desired behaviour, and possibly introduce limits in date ranges instead.
  • Behind the scenes secondary storage is used for this endpoint, with a slight replication delay from the primary to secondary storage to be expected. Expected delay is a few seconds.
  • Authentication expects an Api Token to be present in the request headers, for ease of use from BI tools we are open to the possibility of supporting query-parameter authentication as well for this particular endpoint.

Known bugs

None at the moment.