The tab "Tags" in the Analytics section shows data around your conversations and tags. Data for manually applied tags is starting from September 18 and data for automatically applied tags (in flows) is starting from December 16. Be aware that this feature is currently in Early Access and you can read more here.

You can find a detailed explanation of each graph below.


You can filter this dashboard by channels, directions, queues and contact points.

Contact point is the way your customer contacts you via either an email address, phone number, chat widget, Facebook Messenger page or WhatsApp phone number.

Note that if a specific option within a filter does not show up (for example you can't find a specific queue) it's most likely because there are no conversations matching that option (so no conversations in the specific queue) within the selected time period.

The filters are not connected, so the list of e.g. contact points won't change depending on the channel you've chosen.


Allows you to see how your conversations are tagged. 

Looking at your most used tags, can indicate what kind of topics and issues your team spends time on. This knowledge can help you to address the issues that do not create value for you or your customers. Moreover it also allows you to see if an improvement you implement has the desired effect.

Calculation: Everytime a tag is added to a conversation, the conversation will be counted as having the tag added within the specific time period. If a tag is removed, the conversation still had that tag previously and will still count in the analytics.

Tags used - Top 30

Shows the 30 most used tags within the selected period.

Tags distribution - Top 10

Shows the 10 most used tags in a handy pie chart.

Tags - Word cloud

Shows a word cloud of all used tags within the selected period.