The tab "Agents" in the Analytics section shows data around your conversations in regards to agents. Data for inbound conversations is available from June 22 while data for outbound conversations is available from November 14. Be aware that this feature is currently in Early Access and you can read more here.

You can find a detailed explanation of each graph below.


You can filter this dashboard by agent, channels, directions, queues and contact points

Note that if a specific option within a filter does not show up (for example you can't find a specific queue) it's most likely because there are no conversations matching that option (so no conversations in the specific queue) within the selected time period.

The filters are not connected, so the list of e.g. contact points won't change depending on the channel you've chosen.

Conversation assignments

Conversation assignments help you to easily spot which agents are taking the most workload.

"All conversation assignments per agent" shows the total number of conversation assignments within the selected period. This means that if a conversation is claimed eight times, it is counted eight times in this metric. "Unique conversations assigned per agent" only counts an assignment happening to a conversation once during the timeframe and does not reflect if the same conversation gets assigned multiple times.

Conversations per agent - Top 30

This pie-chart shows you a breakdown of how many conversation assignments each agent had in the selected period, so you can easily spot which agents are taking the most workload.

For more insights into agent's behavior in Dixa, you can also refer to the "Presence" dashboard.

More metrics to be added later

We expect to add more agent analytics later. These are examples of metrics we want to add:

  • Conversations offered
  • Conversations accepted
  • Conversations claimed
  • Conversations transferred
  • Conversations rejected
  • Answer rate (percentage of conversations answered)
  • Average handling time
  • Average wait time
  • Average wrap-up time
  • Average pickup time
  • Percentage of conversations tagged
  • Conversations per day
  • Distribution of inbound, outbound and internal conversations
  • First Contact Resolution (percentage of conversations with only one agent response)
  • Outbound conversations
  • Average responses per conversations
  • Distribution of conversations with 1, 2, 3, or more responses
  • Top 30 used tags
  • Internal conversations
  • Distribution of Working, Away, Busy, and wrap-up time per day
  • Percentage of closed conversation with only one reply
  • Total handling time
  • Total busy time
  • Total idle time
  • Number of conversations answered per day compared to team average
  • Conversations per hour
  • Distribution of channels handled