Collecting feedback and deducing customer satisfaction is key to reducing churn and turning happy customers into brand advocates. With the new CSAT rating capabilities for chat you can now start measuring customer satisfaction right inside Dixa.

Once you enable CSAT ratings for chat, customers who reach out on chat will be offered to rate the conversation on the CSAT scale once the chat conversation is ended (either by an agent or by the customer).

Setup CSAT for chat

Please note that in order to set up and enable CSAT ratings you need to be a Dixa administrator, because you need to be able to access the settings of your organisation in Dixa.

1. Go to Settings > Satisfaction 

Please note that once you enable CSAT for chat, you will not be able to return to the old version with thumbs up and down rating anymore.

2. Click on the "Customization" tab: Here you can choose which languages you would like to offer your chat ratings in. The language will change depending on the browser language of the customer. 

English is set up by default but you can edit the translations and change the tone of voice.

3. As part of the customization for each language you can edit and choose the following:

  • Rating question: You can ask any question that you like, but we would encourage you to keep the question consistent across languages so that the data you are collecting is comparable.
  • Rating style: You can choose between 3 different styles of how to display the rating scale from 1 to 5. Either as Emojis, Stars or Numbers.
  • Follow-up question: After the customer or user has selected a rating score, you can prompt to leave a comment as well.
  • Placeholder text: Specify which text to display as a placeholder in the comment field.
  • Thank you message: Specify how to thank the customer for their rating.

Once you are done, do not forget to save your customization for the language.

5. Once you have set up all the languages you would like to offer ratings in, you can return to the "Channels" tab and enable CSAT ratings for the chat channel.

6. CSAT ratings will now be offered for all your chat conversations. If the customers or user has a browser language that you did not set up in the settings, the rating offer will be shown in English by default.

Ratings in the Conversation View

In the first version of the CSAT rating feature, agents will be able to see ratings of a conversation in the right side bar in the "Satisfaction" card.

Administrators can see all ratings in the Analytics section. From there they can also be downloaded in a CSV file. Read more about it here