To set up email in Dixa:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on Email
  3. Click on Add email.
  4. Enter email name, sender name and select the queue the emails should be delivered to.
  5. Click Add email to complete the integration.
  6. Forward your company emails to the email address that was created on setup.

The following features are also available:

  • ‍Create as many email addresses as you need
  • Receive emails in Dixa
  • Reply to emails
  • Reassign or transfer emails to other agents or queues
  • Receive email attachments
  • Compose and send new emails to anyone
  • Custom signatures
  • Auto-reply to incoming emails
  • Forward email to an external email address (Send transcript)
  • Use quick responses and templates to save your most common replies and phrases and instantly insert them in your emails.

See also the guide for the Email Flow Editor.