When you activate Simultaneous Ring incoming calls will be offered in the Dixa interface and on a traditional phone (landline or mobile) simultaneously. This is also known as twinning.

To activate Simultaneous Ring, you need to add a phone number to your profile in Dixa, and then enable Simultaneous Ring in the presence window in the top-left corner of the Dixa interface.

Simultaneous Ring will be offered on your mobile phone when it's switched on and: 

  • Your presence is set to working (green)
  • Your presence is set to away (orange)
  • You are offline in Dixa

Simultaneous ring will also affect the online status in Dixa, so offline agents with simultaneous ring turned on will be shown as online in the queue Dashboard.  

An Administrator can turn ring mode on and off for each team member.

Simultaneous Ring is not available for internal calls and will therefore be considered as an outbound call and will be charged as such. Outbound pricing is different from country to country.