Queues will be used in a similar way to departments. Agents can also belong to multiple queues. To create a queue you simply need to select Settings > Queues > add Queue. 

From here you’ll have the option to: 

  • Enter a name for your queue e.g. Sales, Support etc 
  • Have the option to make the queue default 
  • Assign Priorities for your queue (Optional)
    Queue Priority
    If an agent is assigned to two queues, and both queues currently have customers waiting in line, the agent will receive the conversation from the queue with the highest priority first, starting from 1, then 2 and so on. If you don't set a priority, the queue will always be considered the lowest priority.
  • Enable/Disable the Preferred agent/Personal offers option 
  • Set an Offer Timeout for the queue (optional); This will allow you to set the response time for when conversations are offered too agents. If agents are unable to accept the incoming request, the agents status will automatically change to away. 
  • Set Wrap-Up Time in seconds (optional); Allows you to adjust the time that agents have between ending a conversation and being offered a new one.

  • Select an Offer Algorithm.
  • Select and add agents to the queue.
  • Click Add New Queue to save.