Purchasing a number from us will allow you and your team to be able to provide phone support within the platform. 

If you have an existing number that you want to port over and use instead of purchasing a new number, just let us know by contacting our support team

To purchase a number simply select Settings > Phones > Buy number. 

https://cdn.elev.io/file/uploads/FGTk8scc8Nk5AQVpPDURPUYrvxqg4K4sqg5u1k2QqLo/rlSxjC5XjkClio38C51N4y_ftgK44YGwsz-HnZ7NKW0/Buy PN-pUM.png

From here you’ll have the option to purchase either a national or geographical number. Once you’ve found a number you like simply select buy.

https://cdn.elev.io/file/uploads/FGTk8scc8Nk5AQVpPDURPUYrvxqg4K4sqg5u1k2QqLo/VWeUANk4LUtEZdn5XRrirK0dPcQ5BakoLWJkbZBwjGI/Buy PN 2-SJ8.png

The number is then added to your account. It will be ready to use for inbound and outbound call in less than 10 minutes. Please note that to buy phone numbers from some countries requires a physical address in the selected country.

To use the number for incoming calls you need to have an active call flow assigned to the new number. To learn more about creating a call flow, check out this article.