A quick response will allow you to send a template message to your customers. To set this up simply select Settings > Templates > Add new template. 

From here you’ll need to:

  1. Enter a name for the template
  2. Enter an optional subject, which will appear when inserting a Quick Response upon composing an email.
  3. Select Quick Response as Template Type.
  4. Enter the template content. This is the text that will be inserted in the conversation when using the Quick Response. The template content supports HTML.

Enter Name, Subject (optional) and Template Content and click Save:


The following variables can be inserted in the Quick Response:

  • {{organization_name}} - Inserts the organization name from Settings > Organization & Team
  • {{requester_firstname}} - Inserts the customer's first name.
  • {{requester_fullname}} - Inserts the customer's full name.
  • {{requesteremail}} - Inserts the customer's email address.
  • {{agent_firstname}} - Inserts the agent's first name from Settings > Profile.
  • {{agent_fullname}} - Inserts the agent's full name from Settings > Profile.
  • {{conversation_subject}} - Inserts the subject of the conversation if available.
  • {{csid}} - Inserts the conversation ID.

To learn more on using Quick responses, check out this article.