What is a Follow-up? 

Follow-ups are types of reminders you can set for all conversations regardless of the channel they were created on. You’ll also be able to choose the time and date the follow-up should re-open. 

To mark a request as a follow up all you need to do is select the Follow-up option which appears at the top of the conversation. 

N.B. It is crucial to close conversation either before or after you mark it as a follow-up, otherwise the follow-up will be shown among other open conversations in a queue and may not only block other conversations from being offered to an agent but also it won't be offered once follow-up expires.

https://cdn.elev.io/file/uploads/FGTk8scc8Nk5AQVpPDURPUYrvxqg4K4sqg5u1k2QqLo/ByTJ_vK73jqJkKeFfH9ZcNHRW3GGsrV4n_agGiT1Wyg/Pending Feautre Select a Preset Time-a_w.png

You then want to select one of the preset intervals or choose a specific time and date when you want to be reminded.

Once you have clicked to mark a conversation for follow-up, you can select one of the preset times to be reminded.

https://cdn.elev.io/file/uploads/FGTk8scc8Nk5AQVpPDURPUYrvxqg4K4sqg5u1k2QqLo/EdDtgpSXWFngwWEVt-1WApUGXwQ0TqKaUFEVZiuX_18/Pending Feature Select a Date and TIme-3sg.png

Alternatively, you can select a specific date and time when you want to be reminded. 

The conversation has now been marked for follow-up and when the specific time is reached it will be offered to you and your team just like any new incoming conversation. If customer replies to a conversation in a follow-up state - it will be offered to an agent even if time is not yet expired. When a follow-up conversation expires and the agent who put it in follow-up is not available/online - the conversation is offered out as normal in the queue.

How can I find my follow-up?

You, and your entire team, can find all conversations marked for follow-up in the Conversation Overview by selecting the Follow-Up filter. As long as a conversation is marked for follow-up, it will not count towards your workload, so you can continue to work on other conversations.

https://cdn.elev.io/file/uploads/FGTk8scc8Nk5AQVpPDURPUYrvxqg4K4sqg5u1k2QqLo/gP8MyxzYffvRAv4PuZChgmxMENNfXtEfJXnhKRs5-Pk/Pending Feature- Conversation Overview-YfY.png

By applying the follow-up filter when in the Conversation Overview, you and your team can see all of the conversations that are marked for follow up.

https://cdn.elev.io/file/uploads/FGTk8scc8Nk5AQVpPDURPUYrvxqg4K4sqg5u1k2QqLo/fxfv3MS4La8eDHgBeJ_G4aXL6dGsqU21rLYHh_nZ2AI/Pending Colour of Convo-SpQ.png

Conversations marked for follow-up will have a purple ring around them in the left-hand panel of the interface.