The desktop app offers the following features:

  • Launch Dixa right your tray/dock
  • Better access to computer hardware (microphone and speakers)
  • Native notifications 
  • Better presence indicators
  • Kuando Busylight and blink(1) support
  • Auto-update and installation of new versions in the background. The desktop will keep itself up-to-date and secure
  • Support for click-to-call (tel and callto links) (eg. tel:+18889107555)
  • Support "mailto" links
  • Prevent system sleep

Download Dixa desktop app for Windows and macOS here

How to Sign in

  1. Open the desktop app
  2. Write your email in the email field and click "Sign in"
  3. Go to your email client and click on the login email from Dixa. 
  4. Click on the organization you want to sign in to
  5. Click "Open Dixa" to allow Dixa desktop app to open and sign in

Sign in the browser

Go to Settings > Profile and click Open Dixa App.

macOS specific features:

  • Bounce icon on to get the users attention on new offer
  • Icon in dock tells the presence status

Windows specific features:

  • Flash frame on new offer
  • Icon overlays in the taskbar tells the presence status